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Nobody likes evictions – not an owner because now they have a vacant home. Not the management company because of the time and expense involved in an eviction. And certainly not the tenant because now they have no place to live. Eviction is always the last resort. Large Vision Property Management will always try and […]

Have you been wondering what is taxable and when on your rental property? Below is a good run down of what is taxable, when the tax is due – which fiscal year – and even information regarding a 2nd home and how often you can use it during a year. Remember, Large Vision Property Management […]

The link below will bring you to the Integra Commercial 2020 Forecast! Remember, Large Vision Property Management is here for all your Residential and Commercial management needs!

1031 Exchanges are very popular when selling an investment property and buying a new investment property! There are very strict IRS guidelines that need to be followed. Make sure you have all the answers to your 1031 Exchange questions before you sell your investment property to ensure success! Call me today! Is a partial Exchange […]