If you weren’t confused about the Short Term Rental Laws here in the Vegas Valley, Henderson maybe changing their laws to allow them in “Approved Zones”, as long as you get a license and pay a room tax and North Las Vegas has stated that “Short Term Rentals are PROHIBITED” even though they have nothing specifically in their laws and are following the Clark County Guidelines which prohibit them. Need a scorecard to keep up with all the changes.

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Published by Keith Thomsen5 mins

Short Term Rental Update:

Article in yesterday’s paper talking about Henderson thinking of changing their Short Term Rental laws – currently it is prohibited in the City of Henderson EXCEPT in a Short Term Rental Zone in Montego in Lake Las Vegas community. Henderson is looking at expanding their “Zones” and making people get a license and pay a room tax. Even still it will be a very small additional area, if any.

The other interesting thing I found was a statement in there from the North Las Vegas city manager who stated “Short Term Rentals ARE PROHIBITED in North Las Vegas.” After looking through everything I possibly could the only thing I find is that North Las Vegas is under the Unincorporated Clark County rules which do not allow short term rentals, but there is nothing specific in the City of North Las Vegas laws. So do Short Term Rentals in North Las Vegas at your own risk and remember that the fine in the County is $900 per day.