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11Jul 2018

Yesterday, July 9th, I had to go to eviction court for an owner who had been self managing and had allowed the tenant to get 4 months behind in rent before hiring us to manage the property. I always get there early so I can hear other cases and what the judge has to say.  […]

05Jul 2018

You don’t always need to call a plumber on a clog drain! Try these great tips 1st and see if that works! It may just be a simple clog! If you do need a plumber call Rebel Refrigeration and Plumbing at (702) 734-7750 for fast, professional, service!

29Jun 2018 Why are prices going up so high and fast here in Vegas? People from California are moving here in droves to get away from the ridiculous prices there! Over 30,000 people moved from California to Vegas last year alone. When poverty level is considered $117,000 this is going to put a lot of pressure […]

27Jun 2018

This is great information regarding the service, and care, of your HVAC system.  With temperatures rising now is the time to do some preventive maintenance before it breaks and costs you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars. When Should I Service My Air Conditioner? Routine maintenance on your A/C unit can save you money […]

17Feb 2018

Short Term Rentals and things to think about before buying the home to make into a short term rental. February 17, 2018 Review Journal had 2 very interesting articles. The 1st article talks about the crack down on short term rentals in the high-rise condos. The City of Las Vegas commissioners denied 9 short term […]