Applying for one of our great properties is fast, easy and secure!    

Our application criteria are:  620 or better FICO score; at least 3 times the rent amount in verifiable income (pay stubs, tax returns, bank statements); no evictions in the past 5 years; no owing a previous management company, or owner, for unpaid rent or damage; no outstanding utility or cell phone balances.

Click on the “Apply Now” tab above.  This will take you to the application page.  Then click on the property you are interested in, or click on the “Apply Now” tab if the property you are applying for is not shown, and follow the instructions.

After you click the “Save and enter payment” tab and you have entered your payment information you will receive a message that says “PAYMENT NOT ACCEPTED”.  PLEASE DISREGARD THIS MESSAGE.  YOUR PAYMENT INFORMATION HAS BEEN CAPTURED.  You will not be charged the application fee until we initiate the application 

Once the payment information has been entered we will receive an email.  We will then click on the application and begin the application approval process.  

You will receive two emails from us, one from our Buildium system asking you to go into Buildium and authorize the pulling of your credit and background reports.  Please follow the instructions and do that as soon as possible so we can begin the application processing.  

You will also receive a second email from us with an attachment with additional forms we require and a list of items you will need to provide so we can complete the application process.

Please note:  if you have a pet, it must be disclosed on the rental application, additional forms, even if it is a registered service animal. Per Federal Law we can not deny your application due to a service animal nor charge an additional security deposit for it.

All people who will be residing in the property must be disclosed on the form in the additional application forms regardless of age.  This does not visitors, only people actually living there.

Once we have received everything required, to process the application, we will complete the processing.  Typically we will have a response to you within 1 business day of receiving all required forms and supporting documents.