03Jul 2019

Wire Fraud in Real Estate Transactions is on the Rise June 20, 2019 in By Attorney Lee Drizin, REAL ESTATE BLOG A glimpse of something new on the horizon can be seen in Bain v. Platinum Realty, LLC, No. 16-2326-JWL, 2018, WL 3105376 (D. Kan. June 25, 2018), where the United States District Court in Kansas upheld […]

20Oct 2018

5 Reasons to Buy a Home This Fall BY BRENDON DESIMONE ON 1 OCT 2018KNOW-HOW The days may be getting shorter, but the list of home-shopping benefits is getting longer. Real estate markets ebb and flow, just like the seasons. The spring market blooms right along with the flowers, but the fall market often dwindles with the leaves […]

20Oct 2018

Tips to Sell Your Home in the Fall It’s common knowledge that spring is the peak real estate season and the best time of year to sell a house. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t sell (and make a profit) during other times of the year, including the fall. What is the market like for fall real […]

15Oct 2018

What Kind of Bugs Are in Your House? BY LIDIA RYAN ON 25 SEP 2018YOUR HOME This guide to common household creepers will help you send pests packing — for good. Pests are everywhere, and having a few in your home is pretty much inevitable. But knowledge is power when it comes to critters, says Dr. Nancy Troyano, […]